Our services bring practical science, technology and strategic solutions to make a difference to agricultural enterprises.


We provide world-leading agri-scientific services that drive results associated with:

  • Genetic improvement
    Strategic and technical development of genetic improvement programmes for livestock, aquaculture and crops
  • Livestock quality and yield
    Targeted improvement of production and quality using an inter-disciplinary approach combining management practices, nutrition and genetics
  • Data science
    Systems modelling and analysis under different biological and economic scenarios, and data analytics to support development of agri-tech applications


We offer our strategic expertise associated with incorporating science and technology into business:

  • Science/technology strategy evaluation
    Comprehensive strategy design and implementation underpinned with a vision for capturing new opportunities and creating values
  • Market development
    Integration of scientific evidence into storytelling and branding to create unique selling propositions for target markets
  • Commercialisation
    Proven support and resources to help bring products and technologies to market


We have the skills and practical experience working at both technical and strategic levels on-farm:

  • Farm management
    Strategy development and implementation to meet overall business and personal aspirations
  • Systems modelling
    Outcome-focused tools for effective planning and monitoring
  • Performance and productivity
    Evidence-based solutions and tools to make profitable decisions – using Farmax
  • Succession planning
    Modelling different enterprise options and working with families to achieve best outcomes


We offer powerful agri-tech services to help drive enterprise performance and product development:

  • Customised software
    Customisation options to generate more return-on-investment and unleash new potential. Expertise in Visual Studio, C#, SQL, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, R-programming and Shiny Apps,
  • App and software ventures
    Specialties in web, mobile and tablet applications. Expertise in Windows Azure and Xamarin toolkit


AbacusBio is looking for new talent as we continue to grow. We aspire to make a difference to our clients by applying science and technology in the rapidly-evolving agribusiness sector.

To join our vibrant multicultural team, you will need practical experience and ideas for engaging with agribusiness. Whatever your background, it is important that you have a global outlook, analytical capabilities and enjoy challenging the status-quo.

We are keen to speak with established professionals, executives and graduates who believe they can add value to AbacusBio.

Are you interested? Great, pull your sleeves up and tell us about yourself.