RMPP subject matter specialists

The Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) is in the process of rolling out the next phase of their programme which is all about providing farmers with supporting expertise to make changes that will boost their business.

Up until now RMPP has focused on building research into the drivers of farm profitability and how information flows through the rural networks including farmers and all the key influencers they engage with. Quite a few useful tools have been developed in the process and recently a training programme has been underway to lift the skills of facilitators who will work with groups of farmers. Now we have reached the point though when all this needs to be converted into actions and the RMPP action networks are the main mechanism for doing this.

Around New Zealand there are facilitators being trained who have a range of backgrounds and specific skill sets. A feature of the action networks is that it provides a funding resource that can be used to bring in and harness the expertise of specific subject matter experts that can help the group members achieve their ambitions.

AbacusBio offers two expert packages to facilitators of action networks to use with their groups. These are:

AbacusBio farm genetics workshop

This workshop is pitched at grass roots farmer level. It will build understanding of how the NZ maternal and terminal worth indexes are calculated and what differences in index can mean for the performance potential of a flock.

The workshop will also work through methods the farmer can use to interrogate the SIL database for genetic merit information about rams they have been buying. The opportunity will be provided for farmers to submit ram information prior to the course so these examples can be used.

A method for assessing a commercial flocks’s genetic merit and genetic trends by using genomic testing will also be explained, plus guidance for how to proceed with this.

Farm system analysis and review - Farmax

Farm system review (FSR) is a review of a whole farm operation using Farmax. It will look at the overall business performance and the owners’ objectives, and then use Farmax to primarily focus on an analysis of the farms physical performance and how this can be improved in line with the objectives. It is a powerful tool to analyse the potential impact and benefits of change, as well as highlighting critical management factors which need to be considered as part of that change.

An AbacusBio FSR provides an accredited Farmax consultant to meet with RMPP group farmers and work through what their priorities and opportunities are. Farmax can be used to analyse farmers existing farming system and any refined or alternative system. It could support an RMPP group either through individual models for each member, or a single decision support model representative of the group if the group is reasonably homogenous.

The modelling enables farmers to test scenarios on Farmax before they implement on farm, enabling them the confidence to apply big decisions about farming policy.

If you are interested in discussing either of these options further please contact either Sharl Liebergreen (sliebergreen@abacusbio.co.nz) for the genetics workshop, or Simon Glennie (sglennie@abacusbio.co.nz) for the Farmax Farm System Review.