Red Meat Profit Partnership

RMPP - what is it?

The read meat profit partnership (RMPP) is a Primary Growth Partnership programme that is working to help the red meat sector increase productivity and profitability. Funded by meat processors, banks, Beef and Lamb New Zealand and the Ministry of Primary Industries, RMPP works with farmers and sector businesses to develop, test and introduce new ideas, new technology solutions and new ways of working.

RMPP Action Network

The RMPP Action Network programme connects farmers with the expertise and information they need to confidently make changes in their businesses. The programme will be rolled out in early 2018.

Who is eligible? Owners or managers of a commercial farm business that contributes to red meat production.

An Action Group is made up of seven to nine farm businesses, with seven to nine farm businesses in each group. Each farm business is allocated $4000 to be used on facilitation costs and specialist information or advice to support farmers on the way to achieving farm objectives. In year two of its operation, each farm will be required to contribute $800 towards the cost of running their Action Group.

Individual groups are formed around a shared vision of what that group wants to achieve throughout a three-year programme. Each group is supported by trained facilitators to guide your group and help identify experts who can share new knowledge and ideas. Being a part of an RMPP action network group gives you great access to adoption support, involvement in extension activities and information resources, plus supportive networks to execute your individual on-farm plans.

AbacusBio offers a range of services and expertise, either in helping set up and facilitate an action group or by providing specialist expert services to other groups in genetics, genomics and Farmax modelling of the impacts of change.

All groups requires an RMPP approved trained facilitator. AbacusBio has supported Sharl and Simon through their RMPP facilitation courses. If you are interested in our expertise throughout AbacusBio or want to be a part of an RMPP Action Network group, contact us today!

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