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New Zealand King Salmon

When New Zealand King Salmon (NZKS) decided to modernise their data collection and analysis equipment, they turned to AbacusBio.

The world’s largest king salmon farmer, NZKS harvested 8,500 tons of product in 2012. The company had already been using an AbacusBio-designed and managed breeding programme for over a decade, however their data systems, which relied on manual input, needed a complete overhaul.

Enter the AbacusBio software development team coupled with genetics expert Peter Amer, who integrated NZKS’s databases into one simple, easy to use, updateable and intelligent system. The team focused the integration on NZKS’s priorities, which included data entry, synchronisation, RFID tags and reporting systems.

With the immense volumes of data generated by the RFID tags, it was decided to introduce an innovative system of dynamic database tables, that ‘understand’  how to read NZKS data and to interpret the results. 

Recently, AbacusBio IT consultants Mark Teviotdale and Chris Li have developed a new web application to evaluate and record traits of 4,500 fish.

Launched in January this year, the new system allows users to generate reports and harvest statistics – in real time – on key information, such as number of fish processed and characteristics, including weight, length, and maturation levels.

The highlight of the new system is the adoption of QR codes in factory and barcode scanners.

In April, the application was used to manage spawning events at the Takaka freshwater farm, where interfaces recorded the stripping of eggs, performed quality checks, and crossed the nucleus and production stock.

The next stage of the project is to explore transitioning data capture processes from computers to tablet devices. The system will also encompass a wide range of other processes such as fish assessment, sorting, and fish location management.