Pasture measurement

Measuring pasture for profits

Do farmers perceive a link between pasture measurement and profitability?

AbacusBio consultants are working with DairyNZ to understand farmer perceptions of the link between pasture measurement and profitability.

It is widely acknowledged that dairy farm profitability is closely related to the amount of pasture consumed per hectare. To improve pasture and grazing management practices on-farm, farm consultants recommend that farmers measure pasture.

Research has shown that farmers understand the benefits of pasture measurement but the current lack of uptake suggests the link between pasture measurement and profitability is not strong enough to commit action.

“There is a significant lack of farmer engagement with such practices,” AbacusBio farm consultant Kevin Wilson remarks.

To understand this further, AbacusBio and DairyNZ have designed an online pilot survey to quantify and understand the value that farmers see, or don’t see, in pasture measurement, and to understand the reasons behind why they do, or don’t do it.

It is hoped that the results will provide some insights into the reasons behind the lack of action, so that these can be addressed moving forward.

The project is conducted as part of the Transforming the Dairy Value Chain Primary Growth Partnership Programme.