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Location-tracking software for employees

CloudStaff is an electronic management system that was designed to record the movement of staff members and manage office visitors in an integrated manner.

Its location-tracking software allows staff members to know whether colleagues are "in or out" of the office, and if they are out of the office, where they are and when they will be back.

It is built to run on multiple devices, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets, so staff members could easily update their movement on the go.

Staff members traditionally used a simple whiteboard located in the foyer to outline whether they are "in or out" of the office, but that is now replaced with a touchscreen thanks to the efforts of Otago Polytechnic students Dean Huakau and Matt Ankerson.

The CloudStaff project was done as part of the polytechnic's three-year bachelor of information technology degree, where students apply skills learned in the degree programme to produce a project for an external client.

As well as having a product that recorded the movement of their own staff, and managing visitors, it is envisaged that CloudStaff could potentially be used as a product on-farm, with a hazards register built into it for Health and Safety purposes.

Photo credits to Otago Daily Times