grand alliance

Grand Alliance

As part of ongoing business innovations for Alliance Group Ltd, AbacusBio is working with a Chinese in-market partner Grand Farm Group to grow this export platform using a suite of innovative programmes termed the ‘Grand Alliance’.

AbacusBio has delivered a variety of improvements to Alliance Group’s livestock productivity and meat quality programmes. Now focused on tailoring research and development initiatives to the needs of the Chinese market, Consultants Anna Campbell, Grace Johnstone, Jo Kerslake, Bruno Santos, Melanie Lemke and Chris Li are working closely with both Alliance Group and Grand Farm to grow demand for NZ lamb and increase the value of an already high volume export market.

Current initiatives include consumer trials, testing the taste and quality of NZ lamb versus Chinese lamb, as well as introducing Grand Farm to such innovations as Alliance’s hoofprint programme and other agri-biotech developments.

With a variety of initiatives ongoing, the potential for innovation in this partnership – which encompasses the complete global supply chain - is extremely exciting.