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Farm System Review

AbacusBio farm consultants are launching a new service package that helps maximise farm productivity and profitability.

A Farm System Review is a periodic review of a whole farm operation, where farm consultants will assess the overall business financial performance, review ownership structures and plans for succession, and analyse farm physical performance.

These target review areas are analysed to uncover how each enterprise is really performing and what the profitability improvements could be like from refinements and changes.

"It is a periodic opportunity for farmers to step back from day-to-day operations and review what their long-term objectives are; whether the business is on track towards achieving their goals, and what changes may need to be made," AbacusBio farm consultant Bruce McCorkindale says.

The review utilises Farmax, a hugely valuable farm modelling tool that will bring clarity and direction to the process of continuous improvement in a farming business, by analysing existing and refined or alternative farming systems.

“It’s a way of analysing the farming business and investigating factors – impacting the business – that are not particularly obvious."

The key features of this package range from maximising the ability for farmers to achieve their objectives and aligning farm business decisions with objectives, to testing ideas and seeing their impact on incomes and how they would fit within a farm system.

“Ultimately it’s about maximising your income from the resources you have available, be it a sheep, beef, or deer farming business, and within your constraints," Bruce adds.

Bruce McCorkindale and Simon Glennie are both registered Farmax consultants.

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