Brunei Agri-Biotech Strategy

Led by Senior Consultant Peter Fennessy, AbacusBio were invited to develop a new agri-biotech strategy for the Brunei Department of Agriculture and Agrifood.

Looking to lift local agricultural production and increase self-sufficiency, the South East Asian state sought to reduce its reliance on imported food for both people and livestock, by improving the efficiency of its farming practices.

In partnership with Bruneian company Duaodua Agriculture, Peter Fennessy, Neville Jopson, Anna Campbell and Kevin Smith undertook an evaluation of Brunei’s agricultural industries, as well as its agricultural research and development programmes.  With the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency in core products, the first step to providing a strategy for industry growth was systemic understanding.

AbacusBio followed this with training courses for the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood which focused on developing practical agri-biotech solutions to support their local agriculture industries and building Brunei’s reputation as a trusted provider of Halal foods.

Understanding that it was important to involve the private sector in any effective strategy, AbacusBio also conducted meetings with local businesses to highlight opportunities and points of possible interest and investment.