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B+LNZ Innovation Farms

Beef + Lamb New Zealand is running a nationwide project where farmers are encouraged to adopt innovative technologies into their farming systems.

The innovation farm concept utilises a team approach to offer farmers access to support for implementing change and an independent assessment of what technology means to their operation.

AbacusBio consultants Nadia McLean, Luke Proctor, and Simon Glennie are contracted to provide project management and science extension support.

The programme is aimed at farmers who want to improve financial improvement and productivity through the identification of effective tools and practices.

Each innovation farm showcases a different specific type of farming activity, such as forage or production by either sheep or beef.

Annual field days are organised, where innovation farms are required to showcase their systems/technology to the wider farming community.

Sufficient monitoring of the system prior to, during, and after implementation is undertaken to determine the value of the new system.

Any learning along the way is also presented so that farmers with similar systems can evaluate the merit of implementation on their own farms. Considering financial reward is a key element of the programme, the financial incentive creates a compelling drive for the participating farmers.

“It is a challenge for farmers to adapt their management systems to integrate new innovative technologies and really capture their benefits. If they can integrate these new technologies, then often the benefits for farmers are a significant lift in farm gate revenue,” Simon says.

The B+LNZ Innovation Farm Programme was established in 2011 to improve science and technology adoption within the sheep and beef sector.

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