beef profit partnership

B+LNZ Beef Profit Partnership

'Cow condition is a critical factor in achieving high performance in beef operations' was the message delivered at the 3rd Annual Field Day for the Beef + Lamb NZ Beef Profit Partnership held at Lamb Hill Station in May 2013. 

The message was reinforced by Australian animal production scientist Wayne Pitchford who headed an extensive project on the impact of cow condition on beef operations in Australia.  Wayne had spent two weeks working with the AbacusBio team earlier in 2013 and took his message out to farm discussion groups and several Beef + Lamb NZ monitor farms, facilitated by Simon Glennie.

Other members of the Beef Profit Partnership summarised the on-farm production results of such management changes as over mating heifers (once bred heifers) and early weaning of calves.  Once bred heifers offered the chance to generate an additional calf and utilise a poorer class of feed.  The results were positive for the Dempster family,who generated a gross margin of 19c/Kg DM.   

The results from the outstanding 2011 and 2012 seasons saw increased summer growth, with strong cow condition and good calf growth prior to weaning.  The group had been challenged to increase the profitability of their beef operations by 5% annually and as most of the members were already calving at 90% or better, pre-weaning calf growth rates were the main source of gains.