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AU-NZ beef fertility

Our consultant Jason Archer has been driving AbacusBio's role in a new project that sees Australian and New Zealand scientists and beef breeders working together for better outcomes.

The project is a new exciting step that will reap benefits for the beef industries in both countries in terms of lifting fertility and profitability, Jason says.

The project is funded by Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics (B+LNZ Genetics) and Meat and Livestock Australia, and will develop tools to evaluate and improve the fertility and maternal performance of beef cows, whilst also balancing growth and carcase quality traits in breeding programmes.

“New Zealand and Australian beef producers have a lot in common when it comes to beef genetics requirements, and it certainly makes sense that both countries work closely together,” Jason remarks.

“It also avoids duplication of efforts and gives a direct pathway for outcomes to be implemented into the BREEDPLAN system.”

Over the course of the project, indices and tools will be developed, which reflect New Zealand’s farming system where cows are generally left unsupplemented on hills during winter and body condition fluctuations are used to fit into the system profitably.

Building on the existing B+LNZ Genetics investment in the Beef Progeny Test, this work will help bull breeders better improve the current suite of estimated breeding values that describe cow type and reproduction.