AniCloud genetic database and analysis system

Anicloud: The easiest way to build your own genetics database!

Are you farming outside the box? Are your breeding goals beyond the well-trodden track? Are you using advanced technology and DNA testing, but your recording database was built for cavemen?  Do you have a series of spreadsheets scattered around your computer? Or worse still, is your team still relying on soggy notebooks and hazy memories to track animal performance?

You know that good pedigree information and animal performance recording is an important part of improving your breeding program. But you should not have to fall in with the crowd to harness the power of your data.

You need an animal data system that is right for you. And, you know what they say, if you want something done right, you had better do it yourself.

AbacusBio’s AniCloud database system means you can have an animal recording program built your way. Our clever team of software developers and genetic evaluation experts have taken the hard yards out of designing a data system for animal performance recording. After decades of working with animal data for genetic evaluation, we know what works and what doesn’t.  The basics of your Anicloud database are just sitting  just waiting for you to add the finishing touches.

Under your direction, our team can customise an AniCloud database to fit your needs. Your new data system will have the traits that matter to you and data entry that works in harmony with the real stuff happening in the paddock. A custom AniCloud database records the crucial data that the on-farm crew require for farm management and that our geneticists require for your genetic evaluation without hassling anyone into entering information that is not relevant.

Did we forget to mention that earlier? Our world-leading animal geneticists are available to turn your data into valuable genetic evaluations so that you can choose the best animals for your breeding strategy.

Do you like to avoid spending time in the office? Do you have a hard time keeping computers alive? Don’t worry. Anicloud databases live in the cloud, not on some fragile device prone to gravity related disasters and unwarranted meltdowns. Your Anicloud data is accessible from any device that can connect to the internet, any time you want it, anywhere you chose and by anyone who has your permission to do so.

AniCloud is suitable for a single operation, breed societies or an entire country. We can handle any species you wish to breed, anything you wish to record, anywhere in the world!

Ready to improve your animal data system? Contact our AniCloud team here to get started.

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