hoofprint with mark

Alliance Group hoofprint™

Designed by AbacusBio to add value to Alliance Group’s agricultural products, the hoofprint software system ensures that an accurate environmental story is told in international markets. 

Hoofprint collects a broad range of performance indicators from farmers and processors in order to calculate the efficiency of livestock performance, predict methane and nitrous oxide emissions from livestock, fertiliser and energy, and measure sequestration through forestry.

Endorsed by global retailers Marks & Spencer, J Sainsbury and Metro, hoofprint was developed by a team led by Senior Consultant Jude Sise in response to increasing market demand for evidence of sustainable, environmentally friendly production processes.

The system’s easy-to-use, modular design allows its adaptation to a wide variety of farming systems and market requirements, with version 2.0 (released mid 2013) incorporating intuitive interfaces and real-time data displays.