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AbacusBio loves Otago Polytechnic

AbacusBio has established an enviable reputation for agribio and agritech innovation- in both local and international markets. Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) graduates from Otago Polytechnic play a big role in developing tools, products and technologies to meet the practical needs of the agribusiness sector.

Our commitment to the IT sector sees AbacusBio build a great relationship with Otago Polytechnic through various initiatives.

Last year, AbacusBio proudly sponsored the Otago Polytechnic IT awards, where AbacusBio consultant Mark Teviotdale, also a BIT graduate,  was a guest speaker. 

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Recently as part of Otago Polytechnic's #weloveOPgrads campaign, AbacusBio was a featured employer. We know the graduates that AbacusBio hire will have skills that are current and relevant for this industry, and are proud to endorse them.

Graduates work on ventures in collaboration with agri-tech innovators, and help develop AbacusBio's own tools that are available for third-party licensing.

We've worked with Otago Polytechnic graduates over the years and found them to be just fantastic!