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The complete combo

Science, information technology (IT), and farm consultancy are a rare combination. Together they provide the power to help farmers make change decisions and drive their businesses.

Having scientists, IT experts, and farm consultants work together in the same company enables AbacusBio to take a holistic approach in applying practical research and development on commercial farms.

There are many reasons why new innovations are not adopted on-farm, one of which is considering how the innovation will impact the whole farm operation, AbacusBio managing director, Neville Jopson says.

Farmers are good experimenters in their farm systems but often need assistance in planning and analysing experiments, Neville adds.

"Our role is to ensure that experiments are well designed so that famers can have a greater sense of confidence in terms of productivity and profit; questions being asked can be answered, factors effecting bias results are removed or minimised, and results are analysed appropriately."

“Many of the gains in farming such as genetics, fertility, and meat production during the past three decades had essentially been driven by science.”

While experimenting with new technologies or tools is not a simple process, having access to our combination of scientific, IT, and farm consultancy expertise will be a big advantage for farmers, AbacusBio farm consultant Simon Glennie says.

“For accurate results, trials have to be very well designed. There is no point spending time and money on trials if the results are invalid.”

“It’s a good management practice and we’re in a better space to get it right than most others are.”

One example of the work AbacusBio does, apart from one-to-one consultancy, is working with Beef + Lamb New Zealand demonstration farms in presenting a range of technologies farmers might be interested in trialling.

AbacusBio also designed experiments for the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise South Island farmgate programme from 2006 to 2008, to test new technologies and measure their potential to fit in and benefit farm systems.

Technologies subject to testing include radio frequency identification, auto drafting, Farmax, and the Aquaflex soil moisture probe.

Photo credits to NZX Agri: CountryWide

Supplied content from NZX Agri; CountryWide (November issue)

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