Anna Campbell Chiasma talk

Supporting our future scientists

Anna Campbell recently speaks to a group of enthusiastic scientists-to-be, as part of Chiasma’s first workshop event in Dunedin.

Chiasma is a student-led organisation in New Zealand that connects university science students to leading industry organisations.

The science communication workshop in Dunedin, is one of Chiasma’s many workshops across the country that aims to prepare science students for an industry career in a dynamic knowledge-based economy.

Science is increasingly recognised worldwide for its significant contribution to the economy, and the value of bridging the boundaries between various scientific disciplines and between public and private sector science is hugely emphasised.

Today’s science and technology graduates need to possess a unique skillset that comprises not just the scientific or technical know-how, but also the commercial acumen to bring ideas to market, that will positively impact the world.

Together with Sam Lind, the Operations Director at Oritain, Anna shares some tips about the essentials of “pitching” and selling ideas to relevant audience.

“Being able to communicate your idea or research to a wide range of audience is a really important skill to have,” Anna says.

Such a business communication skill forms the fundamental basis for funding investment, grant writing, or even building start-ups.

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