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Science solution to reduce methane

Phil Cohn, director of RAMP Carbon recently told delegates at the second Queenstown Agribusiness Symposium that Australian researchers are still at least two years away from creating a solution to reduce methane production from livestock.

Meanwhile, Phil says farmers could be earning income from selling carbon credits, and reducing emissions by using solar energy and minimising waste. 

RAMP Carbon has been involved in various projects on retaining forests, piggeries improving effluent management, and landowners managing wild fires.

Researchers were working on using low-methane-producing forages, pastures, supplements, and genetics.

There were a number of forages that were high in tannins and therefore low producers of methane, such as leucaena, which reduced methane by 20% to 25%.

"Methane was highly heritable and there was potential to include that as a breeding trait, but the earliest innovation was at least two years away."

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