AbacusBio and Gemnetics

Plant and animal breeding companies form alliance

Rotorua-based software services provider Gemnetics has announced a new alliance with the Dunedin-based agribusiness firm AbacusBio, in a move aimed at strengthening both companies’ service provision to the tree and plant plantation and animal breeding sectors.

Both companies recognise that there is a wealth of new data becoming available across many species with the advent of new technology. Plant and animal breeding companies internationally need to be able to make best use of these data to ensure maximum impact for growers and farmers. Combining the expertise and years of experience of both companies is an exciting step forward to ensure New Zealand remains at the cutting edge of practical breeding application and continues to grow commercial capability.

Both companies support key breeding programmes that underpin successful primary production –in Gemnetics case, to the forestry and crop plantation breeding sectors, and for AbacusBio the animal breeding and aquaculture sectors. Sue Carson, Managing Director of Gemnetics expects the alliance “to bring together our high levels of expertise and many years of experience in tree and animal breeding to deliver intelligent software aimed directly at lifting gains in crop productivity”.

Gemnetics was incorporated in 2005, and currently has a staff of eight. Gemnetics’ main product, Gemview, is aimed at accelerating the breeding of perennial crops. Gemview makes plant performance testing and selection more efficient and effective by ensuring data integrity and easy online information retrieval, as well as allowing the automation of analyses and, soon, the visualization of data.

Gemview currently supports breeding programs for four plantation species in three countries. Another product, Gemstock, supports the manufacture of stock required to carry out breeding.

AbacusBio was incorporated in 2006 and supports around 30 staff, including three based in Edinburgh and several post graduate students. Their specialist experts in genetics and data analysis work across genetic improvement programmes in the sheep, beef, dairy and farmed finfish industries, and are expanding core business activities to complement broader interests across insects (bees) and plants (forage improvement).

Photo: Neville Jopson and Peter Amer (both of AbacusBio Ltd) and Sue and Mike Carson (founders of Gemnetics Ltd).

This article was reproduced from Offcuts – 23 March 2018  here