MD's corner

By Neville Jopson

AbacusBio has always been about delivering practical technology solutions to our clients. A quick scan of the articles in the Winter edition of “The Breeder” newsletter gives a great cross-section of the types of projects that we have on the go. Most of these projects are for clients we have been working with for most, if not all, of our 14 year history. We really value long term relationships, as these partnerships allow us to gain deep insights into the challenges and opportunities in the clients’ business and work and deliver long term science outcomes.

Two great examples of this are New Zealand King Salmon Ltd (NZKS) and The Alliance Group. AbacusBio began working with NZKS in 2001 on the design and delivery of a salmon breeding programme. As the relationship with NZKS has grown, AbacusBio not only continued to develop the breeding programme, but become involved in the use of new measurement techniques (see the article on NIR technology for measurement of consumer traits) and have become more and more involved in the day-to-day running of the breeding programme. Having a good understanding of the company and working at multiple levels have allowed us to better understand the challenges faced on the ground (or in the sea cage), and therefore to work on systems that are practical.

Likewise with Alliance Group: our involvement began with the then Alliance Central Progeny Test (now the B+LNZ Genetic Central Progeny Test) in 2002. As our relationship has grown, we have become involved with on-farm research around pasture species and management practices like tail lengths, eating quality research, consumer preferences, and work in new and emerging markets on new product development. This range of activities allows us to help deliver an integrated programme across a large part of the value chain, and with it, hopefully deliver much better outcomes to Alliance Group.

Contracts with our long-term clients are some of the most rewarding projects we work on. They are more like partnerships than consultant/client relationships, and we have the pleasure of seeing our research being used and adding value, which is after all what AbacusBio is all about.