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IT project a win-win for students and AbacusBio

Thanks to the efforts of Otago Polytechnic students Dean Huakau and Matt Ankerson, keeping track of staff comings and goings is now a lot more funkier at AbacusBio.

The simple whiteboard at the office foyer has now been replaced with a modern touchscreen technology.

Staff members traditionally used the whiteboard to outline whether they are "in or out" of the office and if they were out of the office, when they would be back.

Matt, who had previously done an internship at AbacusBio, saw the potential to systemise the "in or out" board and make it more sophisticated and interactive than just a simple whiteboard.

As part of his three-year Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree at Otago Polytechnic, Matt paired up with a fellow classmate Dean to create a location-recording software called CloudStaff.

CloudStaff was developed to record the movements of staff members and manage visitors in an integrated manner. It was also designed so it could be easily upgraded and tailor-made for the next level - potentially in the long term.

AbacusBio software development manager Mark Teviotdale says, the pair has done an excellent job and AbacusBio is now looking at commercialising the technology on the farming side.

It is envisaged that CloudStaff technology could be used as a product on-farm, with a hazards register built into it, for Health and Safety purposes. 

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Photo credits to Otago Daily Times