all interns abacusbio 2016

Interns bring diversity to AbacusBio's research

As the global food economy becomes more complex, there are powerful drivers for multidisciplinary research.

Our interns are becoming increasingly more diverse, having come from all over the world with different backgrounds.

This year AbacusBio took on five interns to contribute and add value to a variety of projects.

The interns have come from various academic backgrounds, including engineering, IT, law, finance, and economics.

They worked on a wide range of projects, which utilise their skillsets such as statistical programming, economic analysis, and online database management.

More details about their work will be released by AbacusBio in the upcoming newsletter, to be published in June.

The internships were mainly funded through the Sexy Summer Jobs programme, which places students in about 110 Dunedin businesses.

It started with ICT businesses, and now includes businesses from a variety of sectors including creative, research and education, niche manufacturing, engineering, tourism, biotechnology, health technology, food and beverage, and primary production.

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