Intern keeps ICT skills flowing at AbacusBio

We are excited to welcome an intern from Dunedin-based Signal – a newly-established information and communication technology (ICT) graduate school in the South Island, New Zealand.

Alister Butterfield is currently enrolled in the Shift programme at Signal. As part of the nine-month programme, he joins AbacusBio for an internship to put his learning into practice.

The Shift programme is designed for tertiary graduates, without an ICT background, who want to be part of the growing industry worldwide.

With the ICT sector becoming an increasingly significant contributor to New Zealand’s economy, Alister is taking advantage of this growth through Signal’s industry-focused ICT education.

At AbacusBio, he has been working with IT consultant Mark Teviotdale on CloudStaff, which is a digital software platform that records the movements of staff members in the office and manages visitors in an integrated manner.

Alister will be exploring innovative ways to improve the design features and potentially incorporate new additional functions for the online application.

“His skillset in user experience design is a great asset for our team,” Mark remarks. In addition to CloudStaff, Alister is also working on an external venture project, AniCloud – which is a cloudbased database for stakeholders in the livestock industry to develop breeding programmes.

He will be working on the front-end development side of things – mainly improving the user interface and also creating a multi-lingual website for non- English speaking countries such as Africa and Portugal.

Born and raised in Dunedin, Alister previously graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Science in information science, minoring in marketing. Alister describes himself as a highly agile individual who is able to adapt successfully to change.

Unsurprisingly, with the ICT sector being a fast-moving one, Signal’s flexible curriculum fits in well with Alister’s prior skills and aspiration to work in the sector.

Outside of work, Alister enjoys playing premier rugby for the local club, Zingari Richmond.