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Official start of new PGP lamb programme

Research is to start soon on investigating consumer views towards healthier, more nutritious New Zealand lamb and new innovative lamb-based products.

This marks the first stage of a seven-year Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme that involves New Zealand's largest lamb exporter Alliance Group, the Ministry for Primary Industries, and Headwaters Group.

The 'Targeting New Wealth with High Health' PGP programme aims to reach existing and emerging markets with a new class of natural premium lamb products with improved health qualities. 

The programme will build on initial science breakthroughs to improve the nutrient profile of lamb, produce high-health lamb on-farm, and develop consumer demanded products for new and existing markets.

Alliance Group general marketing manager, Murray Brown, says the programme reflects a move away from commodity production and target 'new wealth' markets with innovative higher value products.

"Consumer insight is the beginning of any food journey leading away from commodity production. Having said that, the first stage of this programme is to better understand consumers at the intersection of red meat, nutrition, and health."

With a growing consumer demand for premium and healthy food products, the programme will tap into markets that are willing to pay a premium for these – thereby creating value for New Zealand farmers.

A large number of lamb breeders, finishers, and research organisations – including AbacusBio – will play a major role as the programme progresses.

The ultimate goal is to create a new segment for red meat products that will boost the prosperity of the sector, grow existing markets, and identify a new wave of consumers," Murray adds.

This programme heralds a healthier future for red meat and New Zealand's pastoral farmers.

The focus of new health-focused premium products includes fresh and manufactured meat products and health supplements. 

For more information about this PGP programme, click here.