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Imagining me

By Anna Campbell

Sometimes I like to imagine a different me. For example, a different me would have pre-written this column prior to coming on holiday.

Instead after a week of lounging around with family in the glorious location of Kakanui, I have emptied my mind of all that is profound or meaningful, so if you are expecting any of that in this column, you will be sadly disappointed.

All I have managed to do in the past week, in a rather egocentric manner, is to re-design myself.

This week, I have run on the beach and practiced my new -actually only- yoga poses as inspired by Carly in the latest Next magazine.

Did you know that Carly, as well as having children and working in media finds 15 minutes every morning to practice yoga?

Yes, that is the different me I imagine - deep in the depths of a Dunedin winter, springing out of bed, touching my toes with ease before rolling into a variety of impressive poses.

Before I know it 30 minutes are up and a nutritious, raw whole grain breakfast will follow. Oh, are grains allowed anymore?

Before Christmas, I popped into a couple of bookshops for present-buying inspiration.

I was completely blown away by all the cook books - many with the new me on their front cover. Paleo, healthy eating for life, sugar-free, raw foods type books.

I reached for them but, because I wasn’t living in the moment, my arms automatically selected the books with delicious cakes and slices on their cover.

How could a book with a raspberry chocolate tart on the cover possibly be more attractive than a book with a quinoa salad on its cover?

And for those of you who have walked into a café recently and asked for the “qui-no-a” salad, instead of “quni-wa”, I promise you, you are not alone.

Yes, the new me, will take notice of the small things around her, and pass by the chocolate and caffeine with ease.

Dr Libby (also in the latest Next magazine), tells me that I need to start small, one unprocessed meal or snack a day. No problem, I can manage that,

I successfully took on some of her advice a couple of years ago when I read in one of her books how we need to be less connected (electronically that is) and that we don’t need to answer every request of us instantly.

She then went onto lambaste her readers for taking their phone into the toilet… yes the toilet. Disgusting habit, surely you can be unconnected for at least 10 minutes?

Yes, that is one habit I have managed to break thanks to her, so if I am a little slow in answering a text or email… you know where I am.

The old me has a lot to work on while on holiday. I am playing hockey in the Masters tournament at the end of January.

In my past two attempts at this, mid-tournament - ie after one day - I have rendered myself almost incapable of getting out of bed as the effort of using my stomach muscles to sit up was almost too much to bear, let along walking to the car and onto the hockey field for a second and third day.

In my runs on the beach this week, I have actually managed some ‘interval training’, for those of you not in the know, that is intermittent sprinting, no less.

Oh yes, the new me will be gliding around the hockey turf in a month’s time with ease and don’t expect to see me in the bar.

I will be scoffing down my quinoa before an early night and morning’s yoga session.

The old me wishes you all a happy new year and the new me looks forward to seeing and hearing from you in 2016.

My very best wishes go out especially to those of you on the farm right now, battling with dry conditions and/or low payouts.

I hope at some time during summer you experience something like my Kakanui bubble and are able to fill your emotional tanks in order to deal with tough times ahead.