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AbacusBio Audacious Internships 2018-19



1. Evaluation of aspects of genetic variation in honeybees

Project: Limited sampling in NZ honeybees by Gertje Petersen of AbacusBio has shown that the population structure of our bees is more complex than first thought. Previous sampling focused on csd, a single hypervariable locus. A new population survey is planned for 2019, and we are interested in how we might address the genetic analysis of these data. This project will include a literature (international) review and an analysis of NCBI data around genetic variation in bees designed to understand the scale of variation in the published sequence.

Student role: The student will survey the literature and carry out the analysis of the NCBI data on honeybee sequence variation. This work supports our major investment in the genetics of honeybees. In particular, when considered together with our own data (in combination with the Dearden group at the Univ of Otago) it will place us in a better position to plan the type and scale of genetic analysis that we will perform within the NZ sampling program.

Mentors: Peter Fennessy (Consulting Partner) and Gertje Petersen (Consultant)


2. Enhance AbacusBio digital communications around our products and services including potential training offerings

Project: AbacusBio has developed a range of communication tools to inform customers and stakeholders of our business capabilities. These include our website and social media. We need a greater focus in this area and we see the opportunity to access younger, more digitally-savvy people. There is clearly a wider opportunity as to how we can communicate with/interact with a wider range of people and also provide learning opportunities for people in situations that are not readily-monetisable. One example includes how potential clients might collect and organise data so that it is more useful in the longer term.

Student role: The student will be generating ideas and providing the means to deliver valuable content. The student will work with our IT team and with some of our consultants to lift our performance, especially around the quality and appeal of our offerings. We will benefit through greater exposure and through being seen to be a more valuable partner to our clients.

Mentors: Anna Campbell (MD) and Mark Teviotdale (Consulting Partner, IT specialist)