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Getting the deer industry on the front foot

The deer industry is strongly aligned to New Zealand's food export future. All we need is to work together as a team with a shared vision - throughout the value chain - and be different.

AbacusBio managing director Anna Campbell recently spoke at the 2015 Deer Industry Conference on the opportunities for natural, high-health food products.

Today's consumer buying patterns are split into two types of behaviour: premium and value buying. 

Current trends are shifting towards an increased demand for value-add attributes such as nutritional value, food origin traceability, and environmental sustainability.

That's to say in addition to quality attributes in products, consumers are also looking for honesty and transparency, Anna says. 

Purchasing decisions are centred around social trust in brands, which often revolves around friends - rather than corporates and governments.

New Zealand venison is a beautiful luxury product and can therefore fit very well into a future of high-end healthy food production, Anna remarks.

To better connect with our consumers, we need a different business model that will put NZ venison at the top-end of the market.

For instance, cur exceptional quality and production systems can be matched in market with excellent story-telling - through brand ambassadors. 

Watch the full video footage here.

The presentation slides can also be accessed here

Photo credits to Alliance Group