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Early research into high sugar ryegrass suggests positive lamb performance

Preliminary results from research undertaken by Alliance Group suggests that lambs grazing on Aber high sugar ryegrass perform well compared to lambs grazing on standard ryegrass.

Alliance Group and Germinal Seeds NZ have completed the first year of a two-year independent study into the productive performance of lambs grazing on the two ryegrass varieties on three properties. According to the findings, lambs grazing on the Aber high sugar ryegrass on two farms grew 30-40 grams faster a day than lambs grazing on standard ryegrass.

AbacusBio consultant Hadyn Craig, who led the research, said, “Increased growth rates can produce significant benefits for farmers by bringing their average kill date forward. This means lambs are gone earlier and feed can be utilised for other purposes, including improved feeding of capital stock or finishing store animals.”

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