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Developing future leaders in farming

AbacusBio consultant Nadia McLean will be running a Dunedin workshop on August 4, as part of The Future Farmer Focus Group that aims to nurture, assist, and encourage emerging farmers in the sheep and beef sectors.

‘Agri Tools, Technology and Genetics’ is the theme of the workshop, which will cover topics ranging from understanding Excel formulas and functions, to using performance data in making on-farm decisions, as well as utilising farm management software and smartphone applications.

As part of the workshop, there will also be a field trip that exposes farmers to DNA technologies to demystify its use in breeding and farming.

This workshop is the second of three in the programme, which was recently launched by Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ).

The first workshop was held on June 15 in Gore with the theme ‘understanding the farming business as a whole’.

The third workshop will be held in late October or early November with the theme ‘meat appreciation’. Further details about the venue are yet to be announced.

Held over a period of six months, the objectives of the programme are to allow farmers to:

  • understand the farm business in terms of financial basics and management,
  • develop better decision-making skills,
  • understand the importance of managing mental health and wellbeing, and
  • understand the overall industry goals and aims.

B+LNZ extension manager Olivia Ross, who drives the programme says, “the initiative is an exciting opportunity for farmers who aspire to move up the sheep and beef ladder, whether to be a leader, manager, or farm owner”.

Applications are closed as participants are required to attend all three workshops.

However, keep an eye out for our next newsletter issue, as we will cover the key learning points from the three workshops so you won’t miss out!