Change of leadership

AbacusBio’s Managing Director Neville Jopson will be handing over the reins to Anna Campbell in April next year.

Neville Jopson, who recently won a science award at Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards in Napier, will return to focusing on his project and client consultancy work.

Since his appointment as MD in 2010, Neville has presided over the most successful period in the firm’s history.

In the last four years, AbacusBio’s revenue has been rising steadily and its total headcount doubled from 13 to 27 full-time staff members.

Neville’s outstanding stewardship of the firm and contribution to New Zealand agriculture has been greatly appreciated.

The newly appointed MD, Anna Campbell will continue to take the firm to greater heights with a determined focus on adding value to clients’ businesses.

More details can be found in a recent press release.

Read the press release