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All go for healthier lamb with new PGP programme

An exciting new Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme has been approved between the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Alliance Group, and Headwaters New Zealand.

The "Targetting New Wealth with High Health" PGP programme looks to reach existing and emerging markets with a new class of premium lamb products with improved health qualities - including lower levels of saturated fat, and higher levels of polyunsaturated fat and healthy omega-3 oils.

This $25 million programme - that runs over seven years - will tap into the increasing consumer demand for premium foods.

"There are significant markets domestically and overseas who are willing to pay a premium for high-quality, healthy food - so it's exciting to be able to develop our science and innovation towards commercial-scale production to meet that consumer demand," Alliance Group General Manager of Marketing Murray Brown says.

"We will be looking at developing different product forms, such as baby food, pet food, and health foods."

"If wider market trials prove successful and demand exists, we see real potential for all farmers to benefit with greater value extracted from carcasses and increased returns."

"The benefits of the programme will also extend to other industries, allowing them to leverage access to new markets, as we develop new production, processing, and marketing techniques across our supply chain." 

Targeting New Wealth with High Health" has the potential to generate $400 million in additional revenue to the primary sector over 25 years.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy says, "this major investment into Research and Development will be a big step towards achieving the government's goal of doubling the value of primary sector exports by 2025".

"It will also strengthen New Zealand's position globally as a supplier of high-quality, value-added food products," MPI's Deputy Director-General Sector Partnerships and Programmes Ben Dalton.

MPI has approved the business case for the programme, which means contract negotiations can now begin so the programme can formally start.

Headwaters New Zealand - a group of farmer shareholders with interests in farms throughout the country - is providing the livestock for the initial programme.

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