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Blazing a career path for students

Natalie Howes's early career has been shaped by her love of agriculture. Now she is helping young students shape their future.

Natalie has joined the Futureintech’s Ambassador Programme that inspires young New Zealanders to explore careers in technology, engineering, and science-related industries.

These areas are facing a shortage of people and have a strong demand for those with the right skills.

Natalie recently gave presentations to students in Bayfield High School and Green Island Primary School as part of their career talks.

"It's really exciting to be  talking to these students about the various pathways that science has to offer."

She also had the opportunity to talk about her personal experience through university and what it involves to be doing postgraduate study.

“Many of these students are talented in so many different areas, so it’s helpful that we have Futureintech to be able to provide authentic information and guidance on achieving their future career ambitions.”

Natalie receives a scholarship from Alliance Group to pursue a PhD in Food Science at the University of Otago.

In collaboration with AbacusBio, she is researching the influence of diet on the quality of lamb meat.

Prior to Otago, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Animal and Agricultural Science from Massey University, where she received a Leonard Condell Farming Scholarship and a PGG Wrightson Scholarship.

Futureintech is funded by the government through Callaghan Innovation. It is run by the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand.