Adobe executives

Adobe executives share insights

AbacusBio recently hosted executives from Adobe undertaking an MBA with Utah Valley University (UVU).

The executives were assessing opportunities for AbacusBio in the United States with results shared in an open workshop in the afternoon with other technology businesses.

Technology is transforming industries, including food production, more rapidly than ever before – with the emergence of big data and disruptive business models, says AbacusBio managing director Anna Campbell, who was the event chair.

“Understanding market trends and assessing viability of new business models are an on-going challenge.” The executives from Adobe could not agree more, as they presented their research into the potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for animal health and well-being in the US.

“Understanding market demand in terms of the end-users’ pain points is the key,” says Sean Pack. These include areas of high cost and scarcity.

AbacusBio is developing a UAV application for livestock counting (supported by an AGMARDT Innovation Grant), where images captured by the UAV are stitched together and analysed for total headcount.

This application will act as a base for other animal-based UAV and satellite applications. As well as counting animals, livestock locations can be identified in relation to water sources, toxic vegetation, predators, and dangerous terrain.

The Adobe executives also cited the importance of big data in agriculture and the opportunities for AbacusBio, with their analytical skills, to specialise in adding value to users of the data.

We are exploring various business models further, says Anna, in relation to data from UAV and satellites, but also as part of our existing products such as AniCloud (a genetic analysis platform).

During the afternoon workshop, Ken Aitcheson from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise said that, “the US market represents a great opportunity for New Zealand businesses in general, however, competition is stronger."

For a product or service to be viable in the US, there needs to be a differentiating factor, in addition to effective marketing strategies (both traditional and digital).

These hurdles are not uncommon for many NZ businesses, including TracPlus, ADInstruments, NHNZ, and Scott Technology who all spoke at the workshop citing challenges and successes that they had experienced in-market.

We learned a lot from the whole day, says Anna, and there are clearly opportunities, but what came through loud and clear, from the CEOs of the NZ companies, as well as Adobe executives, was that we need to be committed and move faster.