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Adding value to AbacusBio's growth

Over the past five years AbacusBio has grown significantly. Given the consultancy-based nature of the business, knowledge management is a key element of the company's strategy to constantly improve efficiency and add value to our clients' businesses.

Ismeni Currin is working with AbacusBio consultants Jude Sise and Mark Teviotdale to review internal systems and processes as part of her MBA project at the University of Otago.

The initiative aims to bridge the gap between AbacusBio’s strategic objectives and the technology platforms and processes that enable them.

“For a company with growing revenues and size, the management of knowledge is a crucial factor for maintaining competitive strength,” Ismeni says.

“We are trying to improve our process of capturing, distributing, and using knowledge – through technology systems and processes,” Jude says.

“Ismeni brings to us the fundamental principles of delivering excellence, pragmatism, and what it takes to add sustainable value in business.”

“To remain at the forefront, organisations need a good capacity to organise, develop, and utilise their employees’ capabilities,” AbacusBio managing director Anna Campbell adds.

“This initiative will play a role in ensuring the efficient transfer of information amongst consultants and bringing AbacusBio to greater heights.”